Cardano doesn't care if ADA is a security

Published 20.6.2023

In the opinion of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), ADA is arguably a security. This opinion is stated in the SEC's lawsuit against Binance and Coinbase. The mainstream media has seized on this assumption and writes that the ADA is a security. People have bought into FUD and are scared. Anyone in the world can use Cardano and does not need to ask the SEC for permission. Every blockchain project, including Cardano, is deliberately built so that it is impossible to stop the network or prevent users from using it. There are countries that will ban cryptocurrencies and countries that will welcome them into their territory.

Why are people worried about what the SEC thinks about the ADA? If you understand the principles of decentralization you shouldn't care. We must have assumed that resistance from the authorities would come and now we are supposed to be afraid?

What happened to the decentralized revolution and the effort to resist the authorities protecting the status quo? Why are Bitcoin maximalists praising the SEC for their opinions and influencers trying to vehemently tell everyone the information that ADA is definitely security? Do you like Cardano and the mission of the project? Stop worrying about what the SEC says. A potential lawsuit will very likely rule that the ADA will not be considered a security anyway. Stick to the principles of decentralization and look ahead. Cardano is a modern technology that is stronger than an outdated American institution relying on decades-old laws.


The success of blockchain networks will not be based on SEC decisions but on the number of users. People have started buying project tokens like stocks, but blockchains need users. The utility will determine market capitalization. Just stake ADA from your own wallet and let the SEC know you support Cardano's existence. The SEC can only watch helplessly.

Satoshi assumed that the authorities would want to stop Bitcoin

Satoshi Nakamoto aimed to make the cryptocurrency robust for various reasons, one of which was indeed the potential resistance from authorities or centralized institutions. He recognized the possibility of Bitcoin being viewed as a disruptive force by established authorities, including governments and financial institutions.

Bitcoin has been a "protest project" from the beginning, which has the potential to survive all attacks by the authorities. Shortly after Bitcoin's launch, fans rejoiced that the financial system and even governments would be disrupted. Where has the original ethos gone?

People have forgotten the revolution Bitcoin can bring and wish banks and companies would buy BTC. The biggest hero is Michael Sayler and only because his company Microstrategy buys BTC with borrowed money.

Bitcoiners wish so badly that everyone would buy BTC and only BTC and not waste their time on other projects. People have become selfishly concerned with their own profit and don't mind that Satoshi's vision will not be fulfilled.

Some people are so blinded by the vision of getting rich quickly that they even collude with the authorities and wish other cryptocurrencies to be labeled as securities. These people often do not even understand the principles of decentralization and know nothing about how blockchain networks work and who is responsible for their operation.

The good news is that blockchain networks are deliberately built in such a way that the authorities cannot stop them. Cardano is the most decentralized network in the top 10 at the block production level. There are more than 3,200 registered pools worldwide. Approximately 1.3M stakers have delegated ADA coins to these pools. The number of stakers is growing every day. All these people are in control of the running of the Cardano network. The SEC has absolutely no chance of shutting Cardano down.

The even better news is that no one in the world needs to ask the SEC for permission if they can use Cardano. The network is available wherever there's the internet. People in many countries on the planet don't even know what the SEC is and don't care about the opinion of this outdated organization. If someone wants or needs to use Cardano, they can freely do so.

People are so blinded by the fact that the market value of cryptocurrencies must grow that they have forgotten why they are created. I can remind you. They are created to be used. The success of cryptocurrencies is going to be primarily based on technology. The technology has a direct impact on how many people can use the protocol (scalability). If a blockchain is to have a high market capitalization then a large number of users must use it.

The success of a blockchain project is not determined by the SEC. The SEC may slow down the success and possibly discourage foolish investors. People have started to behave like investors and buy tokens like they would buy shares in companies. The catch is that blockchain doesn't need investors to succeed. Instead, they need users who will use them because they need to or simply want to.

Smart investors know what the success of blockchain technology will be based on. Ironically, Satoshi knew it too. The first line of the white paper reads: "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System".

Satoshi knew that an alternative money and financial system had to be created and that people had to use it. This is also important in the context of the long-term economic sustainability of the project (the security budget phenomenon).

FUD is not your friend

Satoshi knew that the authorities would fight against alternative financial systems that could not be stopped. How is it possible that a decade after Satoshi left Bitcoin, people are starting to worry that some authority is labeling cryptocurrencies as securities? Think with your own head.

What's stopping you from using Cardano to express defiance against what the SEC thinks? Cardano is certainly not a protest project and its mission is not based on defiance of authority. On the other hand, it's built so that the authorities don't have a chance to shut down the network. The teams, especially the Cardano Foundation, are communicating with the authorities and helping them understand the nature of decentralization. Communication is thriving. The SEC is one of the few authorities in the world that has a different view of cryptocurrencies.

Cardano doesn't care what the SEC thinks and will continue to serve the people. As long as the network keeps producing blocks, it will be useful. As long as the network has a limited number of ADA coins, it can serve as a store of value or money. The SEC's opinion on Cardano hasn't changed anything at all in terms of how the network operates. The technology is still the same. The IOG team continues to develop the project.

The SEC's views should not change your opinion of Cardano. If you are a Cardano fan and believe in its mission, you have no reason to sell ADA. If you are merely a speculator, you are not useful to the network or the mission.

Don't treat cryptocurrencies like stocks. The term "investing in cryptocurrencies" is appearing in the media and people have started to act like it. However, this only inflates the speculative bubble. Let's go back to Satoshi's original vision.

Besides the economic aspects, holding cryptocurrencies should be a gesture expressing a desire for change. Ideally, every cryptocurrency holder should participate in the decentralization of the network (be a miner or a staker). One of the purposes of cryptocurrencies should be to activate society.

Even if you are a mere speculator, by holding cryptocurrencies you are still at least partially helping to fulfill the mission of many projects. If you stake ADA from your own wallet, you are decentralizing the network and showing your support for the project at the same time. Do you really want to quit just because of FUD? Do you really care if the ADA is a security in the SEC's opinion?


Blockchain networks are only unstoppable if people are unstoppable. Cardano is only a technology that lives thanks to pool operators and stakers. These are the heroes who will allow the rest of the world to join or use Cardano for whatever purpose. If we all stick together, the SEC has no chance of stopping us. If the network effect grows, we don't even have to worry about the market capitalization of the project or the problems associated with the security budget. Stake ADA from your own wallet and let the SEC know you support Cardano's existence. ADA is not a security anyway.


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