Elect New Members Of the Constitution Committee

Published 12.6.2024

The Constitution Committee (CC) will initially consist of seven members. Four of these will be appointed from established entities: IOG, Cardano Foundation, Emurgo, and Intersect MBO. The remaining three members will be elected by the community. The final date for candidate registration for this role was June 10, 2024. The roster includes 22 candidates. The voting process is scheduled to commence on June 13 and will continue through June 23. In the article, you will find a link to the voting platform and a list of candidates.

Interim Period

The governance journey commences with an interim period, facilitating the secure initiation of on-chain governance while maintaining adherence to the interim constitution. The latter half of 2024 is earmarked for the community-driven creation of the definitive constitution. This interim period concludes with the on-chain ratification of the final version of the Constitution, anticipated to follow the Constitutional Convention in Argentina, in December 2024. The Interim Constitutional Committee's role includes enabling the initial phase of the Chang hard fork.

Commission Tenure and Elections

Commission members serve a one-year term, with annual elections to determine the commission's composition. Should the DReps and SPOs express a vote of No Confidence, an earlier election may be called. While committee work is unpaid, governance motions to introduce compensation are permissible.

Voting Window

A short voting period is set from June 13 (21:45 UTC) to June 23 (21:45 UTC). Voting is going to be conducted via the Summon Platform accessible through an Intersect web page. You need to connect your Cardano wallet.

Election Results Announcement

The election outcome, specifically the three new Interim CC members, will be declared on June 26 at 12:00 UTC.


Every ADA holder had the opportunity to self-nominate for committee membership, resulting in a diverse candidate pool comprising individuals and consortia. The inclusive process required no preliminary filtering or criteria, though candidates had to respond to several simple questions. These responses serve as a valuable resource for ADA holders to make informed voting decisions, particularly regarding candidates' contributions to the Cardano ecosystem and their views on the significance of on-chain governance.

Check out the candidates and their answers.

Voting Eligibility and Mechanism

All ADA holders are eligible to vote, with voting power proportional to their ADA stake. The ranked-choice voting system enables voters to prioritize their top three candidates and select three alternates.


The limited scope for candidate promotion and the absence of moderated debates may affect the quality of candidate visibility. Nonetheless, a subsequent election within a year will necessitate incumbents to justify their positions, while new aspirants must articulate their vision for Cardano. It is expected that the currently unelected entities—IOG, Cardano Foundation, Emurgo, and Intersect MBO—will vie for seats on the Constitution Committee in future elections.


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