Emurgo Partnered With Huawei

Published 12.4.2024

Emurgo has announced a strategic alliance with Huawei Cloud. This partnership aims to bolster the Cardano network by extending support for a Cardano node on the Huawei Cloud platform. As part of this strategic collaboration, Emurgo will set up a Cardano node on Huawei Cloud, integrating Huawei's robust cloud infrastructure into Cardano's blockchain ecosystem. This move will drive growth and expedite the adoption of Web3 in the Asia Pacific and Africa regions. The announcement should only be the first step in the collaboration between Emurgo and Huawei.

What To Expect From The Partnership

Teams developing decentralized applications (DApps) have the flexibility to utilize various cloud services, provided these services support their requirements. In theory, Huawei Cloud could have been leveraged for running a Cardano node even without an official partnership. However, such collaborations often bring about enhanced support and ease of deployment for the Cardano node.

Cloud service providers are keen on expanding their user base and tapping into the burgeoning Web3 market. As such, they have begun to extend support to blockchain projects. It's reasonable to anticipate that all significant blockchain projects will eventually receive support from these cloud service providers.

We've already witnessed several such partnerships. For instance, Google Cloud has officially extended support to Ethereum. Similarly, AWS provides support for blockchain projects like Solana, Algorand, and Avalanche, among others.

It's important to note that regardless of official partnership announcements, nodes of relevant projects can operate on numerous cloud services. These partnerships often serve to enhance the ease of deployment and provide better support for these projects.

Huawei Cloud has announced that it supports more than eight public blockchains, including Ethereum and Tron. So Cardano is just another one. Still, the partnership is significant.

This announcement is particularly intriguing as it hints at potential future developments that could bolster the adoption of Cardano. However, the specifics of these potential developments remain unclear from the announcement.

Cloud services, while global in their reach, can have their market positions influenced by the geographical location of the provider. For instance, Huawei holds a significant position in the Asian cloud market, while other major providers like AWS and Azure are based in the West.

In recent years, Huawei Cloud has rapidly ascended the ranks to become the second-largest cloud provider in China, the third in Thailand, and the fourth in developing markets in the Asia-Pacific region, marking it as the fastest-growing cloud provider in these areas.

The geographical location of a cloud provider can influence its market position. Factors such as local regulations, data sovereignty issues, and network latency can make local cloud providers more attractive in certain regions.

Cardano's mission is closely tied to the African continent. The shared objectives of the Cardano ecosystem and Huawei lend additional significance to this partnership.

The success of the partnership between Emurgo and Huawei would be the creation of a new service leveraging the decentralization feature of Cardano. For example, with cloud support, it would be easier for an African nation to utilize such a decentralized service. This collaboration could be a crucial component in this larger picture.


All ecosystems should celebrate the formation of partnerships while also properly evaluating their importance. The alliance between Emurgo and Huawei holds potential significance, provided it paves the way for additional advancements regarding the adoption of Cardano. However, only time will tell.

It's certainly commendable that Emurgo has made this announcement, demonstrating its ongoing activity within the Cardano ecosystem. It would be beneficial if such declarations were made more frequently by them. Nonetheless, kudos to the team responsible for establishing this partnership. Every step towards success counts.


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