The Cardano community must remain open-minded

Published 17.5.2023

The Cardano community is one of the largest and most active in the blockchain industry. This is certainly good news, but there are several dangers behind it. Some are starting to refer to Cardano as a cult. If you look closely at other blockchain communities, you may have a similar feeling. There can be a very thin line between a cult and a healthy community. It is our common task to keep the Cardano community open to objective criticism and respectful of the views of others. A community can only grow if it has a positive spirit. Conversely, a cult can be a deterrent to some people and a barrier to project adoption.


Blockchain protocols are inherently imperfect. Only an open community is able to address problems and find solutions. Only this path leads to the successful achievement of the project's mission.

Obsession is dangerous

Cardano is a global social and financial operating system. This mission is ambitious and will require a lot of time and effort. We could say something similar about other blockchain projects. After all, changing our society in a fundamental way is not an easy goal.

Some people liked the mission so much that they started fighting to achieve it in an unhealthy way. Identifying people with the mission of the project is healthy, but it must not result in activities that are counterproductive. Some people are so obsessed with the mission of their chosen project that they don't respect the missions of other projects. They don't want to accept objective criticism. Their minds are closed. Their vision of the future is fixed and direct. This behavior makes the project a cult. An ambitious mission can quickly turn into an ideology. Instead of objective debates, we can often observe manipulative behavior on social networks.

The cryptocurrency communities are fighting amongst themselves in a very unhealthy way and this is having a negative impact on the missions of individual projects. The success of projects cannot be won on social networks. A project will not be more legitimate if we slander other projects or insult members of other communities.

No project is perfect

All blockchain projects are imperfect. Cardano, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all other projects have bugs, flaws, and problems. The fate of all projects is uncertain and depends on many circumstances.

If you close your eyes to the imperfection of your favorite blockchain project, your mind will be closed. You'll probably become a maximalist. The arguments of the maximalists reflect signs of a cult and are less plausible. Their rationalizations do not stand on a solid foundation of objective truth.

It is healthy to accept the reality of the project, to know what paths lead to success, and to be aware of the obstacles. It is even healthy to acknowledge the possibility of mission failure. The community must have a strong belief in success and be actively involved. Having open eyes and minds is certainly a better starting point than false confidence.

The Cardano community must be able to face objective criticism, whether from outside or from within its own community. If a problem is to be solved, it must first be acknowledged and accepted. Only then can steps be initiated to resolve it. Constructive criticism must be welcomed as it helps the project improve imperfections.

In extreme cases, overlooking and failing to address objective problems can lead to a fatal collapse of the protocol.

All blockchain projects have problems. These include declining security budget, low network throughput, expensive fees, low client diversity, a tendency to centralize, non-transparent team behavior, low or no budget for future maintenance and protocol development, etc. I could go on and on with the list.

No protocol will ever be completely finished. New problems will continually emerge. The community, along with the team, must be ready to address them. Overlooking, false assumptions, and manipulation cannot solve specific problems at the source code level.

How to achieve the project mission?

The Voltaire era is absolutely crucial for Cardano, as the decision-making process is a prerequisite for success. The community must be prepared to respond to the pitfalls of the future in a democratic way. The wisdom of crowds will help get Cardano where most of us want him. That can't be done by an individual.

It is not possible to launch the protocol and wait for what happens next in the false hope that the mission will be achieved. Only one serious problem can prevent success. A quick and effective response to environmental conditions and the ability to adapt is the key to survival. This is a universal principle. In the context of decentralization, it is about the ability of the community to agree on a solution and initiate the implementation of change.

Failure to respond to a problem can force a community to accept the imperfect state of affairs as it is. This can lead to an attempt to cover up the problem and convince others that everything is fine. Alternatively, the community may cling to the false hope that the problem will somehow resolve itself.

I think one of the reasons for the emergence of maximalism is the inability to accept imperfection and the inability to reach a consensus across the community. It may be an attempt to maintain a strong position by weakening the position of other projects.

If a community is not prepared to debate an issue in a substantive way, it is doomed.

The ability to refine the protocol, add new functionality, and respond to problems is very likely the only way Cardano can become a global social and financial operating system. The team, and by extension, the community, can upgrade the protocol through a hard-fork combinator. This feature, together with on-chain governance, will make Cardano literally a living organism.


The reality is that there are many other projects besides Cardano that have a relevant mission and a chance to achieve it. Let us accept this and welcome pluralism. Cardano has a chance to achieve the goal regardless of other projects. The outcome will depend on what the community is like. Why? Because the community will decide the fate of Cardano. The Cardano community needs to be open-minded, pragmatic and respect the efforts of other projects. Some people believe that one project must win and the others must disappear. We think that the success of one project can in turn strengthen the others, as they can complement each other.

Sometimes it's good to take a step back and see the blockchain network as just a tool that allows you to transfer value, hold stablecoins in a non-custodial way, or swap two assets. You don't even need to know that a community exists to take advantage of these features. A large number of users will not be an active part of the community in the future. They will simply use the protocols in the same way they use email. Try to think about this perspective.


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