Future 2023 headline: Meta rebrands to AI
47m18s ago
SPO [SUMN] The Summoning Pool
We will be on @calmdano next Wednesday the 5th and @CardanoThor next Friday the 7th to discuss all things Cardania. See you there ⚡️
50m59s ago
SPO [SUMN] The Summoning Pool
Special thanks to our new subscribers on #Twitch! We'll have special giveaways just for our Subscribers on a regular basis. And be sure to join us for Friday Night Marbles this Friday at 8PM PST for a chance to win
53m37s ago
SPO [ENVY] Envy Stake Pool
#CardanoCommunity, open invitation that anyone is welcome to join the ENVY Discord Group. Even if you would like to just pop in an say hello! 🥳

Delegators, community members, fellow SPOs are all welcome!

A Cardano engineer,
A Cardano mathematician,
And a Cardano scientist,
Walk into a bar.
#Cardano $ada https://t.co/wCscqKkLKa
The era of global wildcat banking might have started.
#Cardano 🔥 is changed the #crypto industry with their proof of stake concept which is copied among other projects #cardanofeed $ADA #daily #Bitcoin #crypto https://t.co/59QGarbWQe
1h55m ago
SPO [CRYPT] AutoStake I
#cbETH (Coinbase Staked Ethereum) is trading at a ~2% Discount:

Withdrawals are coming to enable unstaking of $ETH on the 12th of April... 🤔
2h8m ago
SPO [MCO] MoreCryptoOnline
$ETH held wave 2 support for now. A break above $1830 would add weight to the bullish case that we are on our way to $2000+. However, it missed the 0.5 retracement slightly.

#ethereum #ETH https://t.co/DiDYkQCPT8
2h37m ago
SPO [HAZEL] Hazelpool
Doomsday preppers buying Trezors and Ledgers by the dozen, to prepare for the impending global internet demise.
ADA News: #Cardano enthusiasts have launched a new quarterly magazine to drive the widespread adoption of the leading #blockchain ✌😁📖
Welcome delegators to Lone Star Stake Pool, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions You will earn WMT, Hosky, Ziberbug, tokens after two epochs. Discord https://t.co/41fmcwDJ6M - 25% of fixed fee d
What are innovations missing on Cardano that are on other Proof of Stake L1s (not L2s)? #Cardano $ada
With the latest move by @ewarren the Democratic party are now officially the Conservative fighting to preserve the status quo.

Congratulations on completing the transition 👏👏👏

Where will progressivism re emerg
With the latest move by @EWaraha the Democratic party are now officially the Conservative fighting to preserve the status quo.

Congratulations on completing the transition 👏👏👏

Where will progressivism re emerg
Ouch this really hurts. Thanks for delegating to us for some Epochs. Sorry to see you leave and go to a place that hurts decentralization . 🐳

On the good side our current delegates can now receive more return in the
We're pleased to officially announce a partnership between @CswapDEX and @TheMandrillz "Mash the raw 80s and 90s vibes of Graffiti, Street Art and Urban Music Culture together with a sparking new Web3
4h24m ago
SPO pool1h0v99...00frd
Part of History !

#Cardano #Bitcoin #OrdinalsNFT https://t.co/dosnSpt0Mq
4h43m ago
SPO [HAZEL] Hazelpool
Hey @VivalaCoinBTC - dunno if you know, but your beard is on fire. 🔥
5h9m ago
Technically...every big #blockchain #project starts with something like this, doesn't it?! #SmartContract #CardanoADA https://t.co/Z3dbdf0wYe
Another great leaderlog for DEV pool! 🔥
🍀130% luck
🧱 19 slots assigned!
🕒epoch 403

Current epoch is going great, with only 1 slot lost in battle.

#CardanoCommunity $ADA
5h30m ago
SPO [HAZEL] Hazelpool
That's it. That's the tweet. https://t.co/GMTyb5bsx7
6h28m ago
SPO [FAX] Orcfax Stake Pool
Did you know that the Orcfax Discord server has been open to the public for the past two weeks. We're building a nice little orca pod of supporters over here. Pop in and say GM! https://t.co/HjsmAMkeb0 Our team is h
6h41m ago
Thank you dear delegator for your support 🤝 DMs are always open if you have any questions https://t.co/EwejvEmoLj
6h41m ago
SPO [GERO] GERO Stake Pool
Have you entered our swap contest yet?!

Simply perform a swap using GeroWallet mobile, before tomorrow at 11:59pm UTC, and be entered to win one of two 8000 $GERO prizes, or one of two GeroWallet NFTs 🏆

#Cardano #G
The non-custodial nature of the #Cardano network is one of its greatest strengths. https://t.co/wkP46eiHCn
Welcome to these new delegators 👋

Thank you for staking with REETG, please message me if you have any questions 😁

#Cardano #Yorkshire https://t.co/j2su9Ble9e
7h24m ago
GLOBAL @InputOutputHK
🎥 Live now: #Cardano360 March edition👇
7h54m ago
#Cardano #ADA $ADA #StakePool #Staking #Rewards #BlockChain #DeFI #CryptoCurrency #Web3

SNAKE Pool Tokens Offering is up and running!!!

Delegate to SNAKE and check out https://t.co/5jLjmPnzSG every new epoch to claim y
8h8s ago
SPO [NEWM] NEWM Stake Pool
They say a pic is worth 1000 words but we’d argue that some are worth much more…

This week we’re hitting repeat on our best visual-based Understanding the Music Industry posts and letting the images speak for the
8h21m ago
$ADA coins are used to decentralize #Cardano. Read how Cardano is resistant to the 51% attack and other attack vectors. Cardano is well protected against both external and internal attacks.

8h43m ago
Open Live Community Meeting on CIP 1694: https://t.co/GeBoYR7fAs https://t.co/KyK3lqPcKI
First of many public CIP-1694 workshops; If you missed out on the Colorado workshop, make sure you attend one of these!

8h46m ago
Open Community Meeting on CIP 1694: https://t.co/GeBoYR7fAs https://t.co/5rkocyTIlI
ADA News: #Cardano to Become One of Largest #EVM Chains by User Count 💪😁✌🧠⚙🌱 https://t.co/nS385g8L75
9h21m ago
SPO [SALT] Salt Pool
Back with burritos, gm #CardanoCommunity https://t.co/u8iRu9fvWY
#Bitcoin hits high for year ... #crypto is gaining momentum with the backlog of foggy #markets #Crypto #Cardano $ADA $BTC #daily #AI https://t.co/WemNYzyRLW
Didn’t look into how they pulled off the hack.

…but they aren’t wrong about the soundtrack 😎

@wolf31o2 👀 https://t.co/004F8Zj6BX
10h45m ago
SPO [HEDGE] Hedges Stake Pool
The month is coming to a close & so is your opportunity to win the Hedges Pool monthly raffle! Get started today at https://t.co/H2U7wkATfW for your chance to win $100 $ADA.

#Cardano #Crypto https://t.co/BMb6DCSvCb
11h10m ago
When thinking about the next BULLRUN I get excited

#Adoption #cryptocurrency
11h11m ago
SPO [ADI] Cardanesia
💥 Discover how Cardano could revolutionize the banking world! 🌐 Get ready for decentralized banks, game-changing transparency, and next-level security. 🚀 Dive into the future of finance now! ➡️
#Blockchain #
12h14m ago
GLOBAL @InputOutputHK
Every month, #Cardano360 brings you news from across the #Cardano ecosystem

In this episode, we’re joined by @claymates @aiken_eng, @wanchain_org & @MarvinDefi from CBIA. We'll hear from @IOHK_Charles talk ab
12h25m ago
SPO [PET] PetLoverStake
GM, #CardanoCommunity!
Ready to keep fighting for #Decentralization💪 #Cardano🚀 #ADA 😻 https://t.co/96u0DzpK69
12h53m ago
#Cardano #ADA $ADA #StakePool #SinglePool #Staking #Rewards #BlockChain #CryptoTrading #CryptoCurrency #Charity


Delegation Ticker: SNAKE
Pool Margin: 0%
Monthly Donation to https://t.co/lCD8j4COLj
Do you know how quadratic voting works?
13h8m ago
SPO [CASP] Cardaspians
Finishing up on the #newsletter.

We're continuing to expand our medium as well! Don't hesitate to follow our social through our Linktr in the description!

Have a great afternoon, you all! ❤️
13h20m ago
Blockchain decentralization must be based on expensive resources and not on the ability to run a node or create a wallet. #Cardano uses $ADA coins as protection against Sybil attacks. It is also important for on-chain go
MOON1 is assigned 2 slot(s) in epoch 403 😍😍

Performance: 180.18%
Active stake: 1.25M
Ideal slots: 1.11 each epoch

Leaderlogs for epoch 402:

1. slot - 2023-04-02
2. slot - 2023-04-05

Thank you for your support
13h53m ago
SPO [1COMM] One Community ADA
ADA News: Unlocking the Potential of #NFTs: A Comprehensive Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens ✌😁📖🧠🖼


#cardano $ADA @cexplorer_io
#MOON1 is assigned 2 slot(s) in epoch 403\n\nPerformance: 180.18%\nActive stake: 1.25M B3\nIdeal slots: 1.11\n\nLeaderlogs for epoch 403:\n\n\nThank you for your support!
Saturation level for NYM mixnodes has increase to 929k $NYM - Lot‘s of free space on the Hermes Mixnodes!! 🥳🚀 #crypto #blockchain #nym @nymproject https://t.co/qefsTqucZR
14h18m ago
SPO [HUG] Happy HUG Staking
If you’re new to #crypto and have discovered #Cardano here’s how to #stake your ADA for passive #income https://t.co/FY6BhpjYZr
14h46m ago
SPO [HUG] Happy HUG Staking
I’ve composed at least 3 tweets today and deleted all of them!

Even this one I’ve nearly hit cancel, just walk away from the phone Mark 😂😩

15h28m ago
SPO [MCO] MoreCryptoOnline
Do not try to squeeze every tiny bit of profit out of a trade. Scale out in resistance and leave some in the trade for the last spike.

#trading #takeprofit
15h50m ago
SPO [REETG] Reet Good Cardano
Welcome to these new delegators who joined overnight 👋

Thank you for staking with REETG, please message me if you have any questions 😁

#Cardano #Yorkshire https://t.co/PC35OVQ5mf
A reminder if you are a YoAda delegator and participe into the $ntx earndrop via @DripDropz_io NTX will be claimable on starting March 31st. Users will have 6 Cardano epochs to claim their reward, so after April 30th th
17h10m ago
SPO [QXT] Quixote Dream Pool
Hey SPO!! We just release a new version of Cardano Slot Leader script with some code and output improvements.

If you haven't tried it yet now is a good time to do so:

17h29m ago
According to Messari, #Cardano had the highest transaction volume in the last 24 hours. $ADA https://t.co/eLSxJhdj31
Cardano isn't the oldest nor the biggest right now.

But it is resilient and evolving fast.

#Cardano $ada https://t.co/qPLIiWel8V https://t.co/7J7xg9xP1z
Cardano isn't the oldest nor the biggest right now.

But it is resilient and evolving fast.

#Cardano $ada https://t.co/Ugw94ucrY3 https://t.co/W3xFBcJ3Ss

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