New pools

    Welcome new pool operators!

  1. tx id 43167408bc...4d337
    epoch 402 3h6m ago
  2. tx id 43167408bc...4d337
    epoch 402 3h6m ago
  3. tx id 765ef79789...cf193
    epoch 402 3h29m ago
    stake with us - SUDO stake with us!
  4. tx id 46dd3f6966...39f4f
    epoch 402 1d20h7m ago
    Maximize rewards with 0.00% fee and our 100% rewards guarantee. Our servers are monitored 24/7 with redundant connections and live backups. We're a dedicated team that's here to stay.
  5. tx id 35f18640e1...c56ea
    epoch 402 2d6h25m ago
    Empowering decentralization: Together for a stronger Cardano network. Operated by IT-Experts and Cardano Ambassador Zyroxa
  6. tx id 5ede6c16c4...988b2
    epoch 401 5d12h12m ago
    Cardano Stake pool
  7. tx id e01861b5f5...e7f06
    epoch 401 8d9h ago
    Test Deploy Mainnet 1
  8. tx id 9671f6ead4...0ad52
    epoch 401 8d22h31m ago
    A Cardano staking pool operated by WavePool for GMO coin exchange.
  9. tx id c62b532b65...0bf45
    epoch 401 6d18h30m ago
    Professionally monitored Cardano stake pool.
  10. tx id 73dff0e9ad...bc253
    epoch 400 12d10h7m ago
    EMURGO is a multinational blockchain technology company providing solutions for developers, startups, enterprises, and governments.
  11. tx id c8fa674274...a50c3
    epoch 399 16d5h35m ago
    A Mysterious Pool, Delegate to discover more
  12. tx id 7b47a56ce6...a54d4
    epoch 399 16d6h8m ago
    Pushing decentralization to the maximum. In the Arctic.
  13. tx id 1c25fab255...d4850
    epoch 399 16d7h27m ago Public Stakke Pool
  14. tx id cadaec86fc...faefe
    epoch 398 19d4h3m ago
    Orcfax is a Cardano native oracle. Income generated by this stake pool is used to sponsor the development of Orcfax technology as well as to fund free, permissionless oracle data feeds for community use.
  15. tx id 687640f59a...ba26f
    epoch 402 1d11h35m ago
    stake pool services
  16. tx id 50188aa7f2...c58e6
    epoch 398 19d6h2m ago
    Welcome to 5Fold Pool! Based in South Dakota, USA, 5Fold is committed to blockchain technology. Support decentralization by delegating to a single pool operator like us.
  17. tx id 33df7e152f...6560d
    epoch 398 9.3.2023
    The CCCC Cardano Stake Pool.
  18. tx id 39ac65bd1d...5ab1c
    epoch 398 8.3.2023
    Lend and borrow using your assets on Cardano
  19. tx id 857d7b85bd...598a9
    epoch 399 16d3h36m ago
    Please delegate to support passionate builders, creators and educators. Innovation starts with you! DelegateForEarlyBirdBonus: Please support BAREMETAL/singleOperatorPools!
  20. tx id e87e8a0b75...9b3ed
    epoch 398 8.3.2023
    CloverNodes Stake Pool
  21. tx id ae8f6c67f5...3f485
    epoch 402 2d20h34m ago
    Chainup Cloud's cardano stake pool
  22. tx id cb3ed181c1...f7537
    epoch 397 2.3.2023
  23. tx id 4b39a36220...de6da
    epoch 396 1.3.2023
    Fulcrum is a Cardano stake pool that offers reliable and secure staking services to ADA holders. Fulcrum is run by experienced operators with advanced security measures. Their goal is to provide a high-quality staking experience.
  24. tx id 67284461f9...df0da
    epoch 396 28.2.2023
    Cardanos gateway to the Anime Universe
  25. tx id 5797dc0545...51260
    epoch 396 25.2.2023
    Cardano Stake Pool for Upbit Staking
  26. tx id 272cce8777...30726
    epoch 396 25.2.2023
    Cardano Stake Pool for Upbit Staking
  27. tx id 7ac388f073...34d35
    epoch 396 25.2.2023
    Cardano Stake Pool for Upbit Staking
  28. tx id 003623a074...fe133
    epoch 396 25.2.2023
    Cardano Stake Pool for Upbit Staking
  29. tx id edd265d410...fb3de
    epoch 396 25.2.2023
    Cardano Stake Pool for Upbit Staking
  30. tx id d1deb763de...da166
    epoch 397 1.3.2023
    Ivy Oracle aims to promote and advocate for the wide adoption of blockchain technology.
  31. tx id 59071bf877...2380c
    epoch 395 22.2.2023
    Bloq Inc Stake Pool for Mainnet
  32. tx id 73c7f048c7...fe374
    epoch 395 22.2.2023
    Enterprise-grade staking made easy
  33. tx id 08ba67a068...b904e
    epoch 395 22.2.2023
    Enterprise-grade staking made easy
  34. tx id ba6f1d1abe...e288d
    epoch 395 22.2.2023
    Enterprise-grade staking made easy
  35. tx id 7e13f887db...24db9
    epoch 395 21.2.2023
    We are Cardano Clanns. Celtic warriors of the Block Chain.
  36. tx id 26f9d80e64...7f3c4
    epoch 394 18.2.2023
    Innovation fund Pool is brought to you by Antimo as part of our efforts to support the Cardano ecosystem. We aim to use the revenue generated to invest in and fund innovative projects on Antimo.
  37. tx id e0deb5476e...68426
    epoch 394 18.2.2023
    Tribute to Stephen Chow
  38. tx id 1751f14813...440dc
    epoch 393 13.2.2023
  39. tx id 8cf2ed148c...bb1de
    epoch 393 12.2.2023
    Earn rewards and support the future of blockchain with Bake Empire Staking. Our professional team, cutting-edge security, and user-friendly platform make staking easy and profitable. Join the empire today!
  40. tx id 5b2e7623b0...34133
    epoch 393 10.2.2023
    Advocates for Decentalization
  41. tx id 09a995a077...fe621
    epoch 393 10.2.2023
    Delegate your coin and start earning your staking rewards
  42. tx id 570297352f...8e2f5
    epoch 392 8.2.2023
    Lowest fee but professionally hosted and managed! Small start-up with big hope that we can contribute to the decentralised world of Cardano. Stake with us if you hold the same vision,thanks!
  43. tx id ea2dd24968...78c7a
    epoch 397 5.3.2023
    Our stake pool is maintained by a single individual who is passionate about Cardano and the blockchain industry. By managing the pool on their own, they have complete control over the staking process, ensuring the utmost security and reliability for our users.
  44. tx id 8704ff6fab...7215b
    epoch 392 7.2.2023
    This is the smallest pool :)
  45. tx id be6fbc3244...787bf
    epoch 394 18.2.2023
  46. tx id 88363e7503...5fb33
    epoch 400 9d9h9m ago
    A Decentralized Football Club
  47. tx id e0c62684d0...8e106
    epoch 391 4.2.2023
    Generating rewards for the community.
  48. tx id 4c20fbd40d...449f2
    epoch 392 7.2.2023
    Cardano Crew Staking Pool. Earn ADA by staking your ADA! 10% of ADA is donated to the Hoskinson Health Clinic!
  49. tx id 7eb12ab35a...22261
    epoch 394 15.2.2023
    Aviation, Recreation, Beaches
  50. tx id f855cde34a...d0954
    epoch 390 30.1.2023
    Empowering the underprivileged through computer science education.